Sewer & Septic

Whether for new construction or upgrading, TC Sewer and Septic will be there to make sure the job is done right, at a reasonable cost.

Sewer lines are installed meeting all local codes, and using the latest materials for years of trouble-free service. From permits to final grading and seeding, we handle it all.

Septic systems distribute effluent along a drainage system allowing it to seep into the ground where it is decomposed naturally and returned to the ground water. Septic system consist of a tank, a distribution box and drain field. Typically, septic systems are the choice for rural areas.

We install conventional gravity, pressurized pump up, and advanced treatment septic systems. Gravity systems rely on the downhill flow to distribute effluent to the drain field and are the most common installation for most areas. Pressurized systems are used where the drain field is either remote from the site or uphill from the tank. In these systems a pump is used to transport the effluent to the remote drain field. Advance systems use a combination of filters, storage tanks, pumps and other equipment to pre-treat and distribute the effluent.

All septic systems require some maintenance, gravity systems the least and advanced systems the most. TC Sewer and Water can install the system you need. Call now for a free estimate or if you have questions.