Basement Sealing

If your basement or crawl space occasionally looks like the pictures on the right, we can help. A wet basement is cause for mold and mildew as well as damage to your home and belongings. There can be many reasons for a damp or wet basement and Crowe Septic & Plumbing will be glad to evaluate your home or business and offer our professional advice with regard to causes and recommended fix.

You might have ground water seeping up through the floor during periods of heavy rain, walls that were improperly water proofed during construction, or drain tiles that were not installed. It's possible also, that site grading near the house needs attention or gutters and downspouts are not properly directed away from the foundation. We can determine the problem and fix it right the first time using our proprietary sealing system, sump pumps or other solution.

A wet basement is no fun, and it's not healthy either. Contact us now for your free evaluation and cost estimate to get it fixed.

A dry basement is a happy basement!